Ultrasound and Non-Stress/Fetal Monitoring

The non-stress test / fetal monitoring allows the physician to monitor the baby’s heartbeat in the uterus. This non-invasive procedure is painless and is performed by using monitors outside the body.

Ultrasound imaging is a method of obtaining images from inside the body by using high frequency sound waves. These waves are reflected off organs and are recorded to provide real-time visual images.

Below is a list of optional obstetric ultrasounds for entertainment purposes only:

Elective Ultrasound Options

Peek-a-Boo Session

This $50 ultrasound session can be purchased beginning at the 15th week of pregnancy through the 24th week and includes:
o DVD or CD
o Gender Determination, if desired (based on attainability, baby positioning, etc.)

4-D Ultrasound

This $175 ultrasound session can be purchased beginning at the 27th week of pregnancy through the 32nd week. A 4-D ultrasound uses sound waves to create a moving image of your baby inside your womb. For example it can show you if your baby is yawning or smiling at that particular moment.

The sessions listed above are elective and are not required for medical purposes by Henderson & Walton physicians. They will not be filed with your insurance company and payment is due prior to your session. Each session must be scheduled separately from the medical ultrasounds ordered by your Henderson & Walton physician.  The success of the ultrasound is dependent on the cooperation of the baby.

You may schedule an elective ultrasound at the Birmingham or Cullman office.

                              Birmingham (205) 930-1800 ext. 1121

                              Cullman (256) 739-2626