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Pregnancy Guide


We are pleased that you have chosen us to be a part of this very special time in your life. Through this booklet, we want to provide you with some helpful information about your prenatal care and your baby.

Our top priority is to give our patients the highest quality obstetrical care by competent, compassionate, and caring physicians. The information in this booklet is intended for patient education purposes only. Based upon your individual needs, the attending physician may change, add, or delete any procedures listed in this booklet.

We hope this pregnancy guide will aid in your understanding and enjoyment of your prenatal care. We look forward to spending the next few months with you!

Section 1 First Trimester

Section 2 Second Trimester

Section 3 Third Trimester

Section 4 Postpartum

Section 5 Your Baby

Section 6 Common Questions

Section 7 Special Test Information

Section 8 Glossary